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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

My first post is probably a good place to introduce what this website is all about. Honestly I'm not totally sure what this is, I just know after a night with my girlfriends and some encouragement and believing in me, I woke up determined to buy this domain and make a website. And just like that, "Spoiled Goods" was born!

It started off with me sharing some of my most recent purchases based on anonymous reviews that promised to improve my quality of life, and giving them the conclusions I had reached as a sort of guinea pig. I passed along my opinion on which items were game changers and which were duds. We thought maybe this type of information would be valuable to others - and we came up with the clever name "Spoiled Goods" - a play on being spoiled so good, as well as goods that are meant to "spoil' yourself (which I am ALL about).

Initially, this was supposed to be a place for me to share my latest purchases and which ones were worth it and which ones were not. But as I started thinking about what my posts would be about I decided it would go beyond this - because spoiling myself is not just about material items but can be found in so many other facets of life. Besides, I feel it feeds into the consumer-driven mentality that creates unnecessary clutter in a pursuit to buy our way to happiness - and that's not what I believe. I don't want this to be a website about shopping and buying things and ways to spend money. I want it to be a website where I can share different ways that I find joy, happiness, and love because that's really what spoiling myself is about - indulging in all that life has to offer to allow me to my "best life".

For me, being spoiled comes down to doing things for ME to improve my life, to achieve comfort (physically, mentally, emotionally) and enjoyment, and maximizing my ability to spend my time as I please and doing what makes me happiest.

This is going to be a way for me to share things I find that make me happy, in the hopes that maybe they will make you happy too. I want to share things that benefit my life, make things easier for me, or make me feel pampered. If this sounds of interest to you, I invite you to join me on journey of self-love, self-care, and self-indulgence to live a life where we are spoiled good.

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