Get your head in the game

One of my favorite massage tools - simple, affordable, and oh so gratifying - is this simple wire tool for your scalp. It is appropriately called - "a head massager".

Oh my god. I love scalp massages and using this is such a delight. Just looking at one gives me an immediate rush of relief. It might be a bit ticklish for some with sensitive scalps but for those that can handle the stimulation - its absolutely lovely.

Scalp massages help with circulation which is only an added bonus to the delightful tingly sensation this simple tool provides. At less than $10 this is an affordable way to add a daily treat into your life. Wonderful value makes it comfortable for your wallet, and comfortable for your head. And you can get them for as little as 99 cents and it's worth every last penny! Not sure if there's a difference in quality for the price points - maybe I will test this out for you all in the future and report back my findings.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these. It's an easy, simple, and affordable way to spoil yourself. Because you deserve it.

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