Spoiled Goods 


What exactly are "Spoiled Goods"?  This term has been used to describe items that are past their expiration date, but why would I ever spend time writing about that? 

Spoiled goods are simply my favorite things that provide comfort and indulgence in my life.  They are goods that spoil you.  My favorites are simple finds that maximize comfort level

In this area of my life, my interests include: easing daily life tasks, comfort, relief, goods for myself, goods for my loved ones, goods for my pets.  Pretty much anything good I find, I will let you know. 

I have a bit of an addiction to this mission of making my life as comfortable as possible - which means I am always looking and trying new products/services.  Some of these items are busts, and some are life-changing.  I'll waste my money so you don't have to and can learn from my mistakes as well as my good choices.  I wish you well and I wish you comfort.  I hope you enjoy! 

*P.S.  I am not affiliated with any of these products/companies, etc.  I do not receive any compensation/perks/whatever the cool bloggers get for posts.  These are things I've purchased with my own money - so when I say I like something I really genuinely like it.  Just an FYI so you know my priority is legitimately comfort and not selling you anything.  I want to make lives better for all! 

I love comfort.  I am on a never-ending search to make life as comfortable as possible.  When I find something I love, I want to tell everybody I love about it, and a website seemed like the best way to reach as many people as possible.  Why?  Because life is already hard enough, and I want to share the treasures I find to hopefully make things better.   



Take a seat, get cozy, and put on some sweat - 

make yourself comfortable.  Because you deserve it.